Is the Prebirth Analysis Matrix only a diagnostic Test?

While my Whole-Self Prebirth Analysis Matrix is, in fact, an especially efficient & comprehensive diagnostic tool, it is much more.

Once I know and experienced what needs to be changed my Whole-Self guides me through the appropriate Whole-Self Work to effect change & the Whole-Self 4th Dimensional Balancing is completed.

What shall I do with the information I discover?

The information my Whole-Self reveals to me is just the first step.

As mentioned above, information does not effect change.

My Whole-Self, through the various Whole-Self Work makes it possible for effective balancing of my diminishing self-judgments & diminishing decisions to be released & replaced with enhancing self-judgments & decisions.

Can children do the Whole-Self Prebirth Analysis Matrix as well?

Yes, children who have understanding of the basics concepts of birth & reproduction can easily do Whole-Self Work. The age of nine is usually appropriate.

Is the PAM for children same as given to adults?

Basically, the Whole-Self Prebirth Analysis Matrix is the same as given to adults.

There is a PAM rewritten for children with simpler words for ease of understanding.

But the essential information is just as easily discovered & a program for appropriate change is created.

Actually, this simpler PAM has been created as a Sex & Relationship Education for Schools to replace ineffective biologically based sex education programs.

We are a family. Can we go through PAM together, or should we work separately?

The answer is that both can be effective. It depends on the degree of love & co-operation within my family.

My Whole-Self Facilitator is qualified to make appropriate recommendations.

When there is a dysfunctional situation in my family it is sometimes recommended that separate sessions can be most effective with the intention of a family meeting to integrate the information & develop a plan of unification.

In practice, because conflicted parties learn so much about themselves & their motivations based on their prebirth & birth and Life’s Streams© patterns they are able to communicate lovingly with each other & no joint session with the family members is necessary.

How does my doing the work help my mother and father?

In Whole-Self Psychology, Philosophy & Education my consciousness was energetically attracted to my mother & father, because they were experiencing patterns my consciousness needed to have activated for me to experience & transcend in my life.

My parents are my first teachers & serve me perfectly by being my most effective mirrors to recognize those patterns I most need to activate in order to transcend in my life.

Once I have balanced my diminishing self-judgments & diminishing decisions, my parents no longer need to reflect those patterns to me & we can develop new enhancing patterns of relationship.

How do I know it is not my fantasy?

I can know that the information I receive from my Whole-Self is not my fantasy when the information is a surprise or unexpected & at the same time feels correct.

And, when I work with the information to balance it through my Whole-Self the patterns are able to released or transcended. And that is what life is for.

How does the Whole-Self Releasing© & the Whole-Self Integration© clear the traumas stored in the body?

This process is based on the earliest information that was given to Jon RG Turner, nearly 40 year ago, when he was asked to teach Aura Healing in North America.

In simple terms:

1) My body experiences.

My mind tells me what my body experiences.

My emotions judge what my mind tells me my body is experiencing.

2) All this information is first stored in my aura or bioenergetic field or my consciousness which can be described as a data bank or computer.

3) My physical body is a three dimensional focus of my consciousness.

In the Whole-Self Releasing© I am asked to focus on specific points in my body.

This triggers memories in corresponding points in my aura memory bank where relevant information is encoded or stored.

As this information is discovered & brought to my conscious mind I know exactly what I need to release & balance.

The Whole-Self Integration comes at the end of my Whole-Self Discovery & Development session or sessions.

It is my final de-hypnotizing transformation from my diminishing patterns to my new enhancing patterns – My healing & integration with my Whole-Self.

How come it doesn’t matter if I don’t believe in Past lives?

In Whole-Self Psychology, Philosophy & Education the concept of Past Lives is used as a therapeutic tool for me to recognize through descriptive words & scenarios information which my consciousness is repeatedly non-consciously reacting to & living out as if those events were still happening to me.

The scenario can be: my memory of a book, movie, a tv show – any story; my remembrance of family or genetic information; or in fact, my past lives.

The point is that it does not make any difference because my story – my scenario helps me to recognize the possible source of specific diminishing feelings & patterns in my present life.

Once I know what needs to be changed, my Whole-Self guides me through a simple process which completes release & balancing of my feelings & patterns.

How does Whole-Self 4TH Dimensional Balancing technique work?

Information does not change beliefs or behaviours unless there is an effective tool for change.

Some psychological programs can be effective in gathering information – in revealing the reasons for pathology but have no tool to effect change.

Studies in Behavioural Medicine show that it requires 21 consecutive days to change a belief or a behaviour.

The Whole-Self Balancing Work is based on this principle.

The #1 Whole-Self Principle says:

I cannot change something until I know what needs to be changed.

Information is important – but.

Whole-Self Work as described above is particularly effective & efficient in gathering needed information about what specifically I need to change.

This information that has been discovered during all Whole-Self Work is integrated into a cohesive set of my diminishing self-judgments & my diminishing decisions.

Now that my specific diminishing self-judgments & diminishing decisions are clearly identified, a tool is in place to develop specific changes in my diminishing patterns.

As with all experiences of life, my Life’s Streams© events are experienced on many levels: physical, mental, emotional & spiritual & probably others not yet identified.

In order for change to take place, change must occur on all the levels which were originally effected by the trauma trance.

The Whole-Self 4th Dimensional Balancing©, works on these four levels & probably on whatever other levels exist.

When my diminishing patterns & beliefs are released through a simple de-hypnotizing, a space or vacuum is left open in me & in my consciousness.

In order to prevent diminishing self-judgments & diminishing decisions to reinsert themselves in me, I need to fill the vacuum or space with enhancing & enlivening thoughts & patterns.

This is the essence of Whole-Self 4th Dimensional Balancing.

If you have any other questions please mail them to us.

Much Peace & Much Love! Jon RG & Troya