“The Prebirth Analysis Matrix© (PAM©) is the center jewel in the tiara which comprises Whole-Self Psychology, Philosophy and Education.
My Prebirth Analysis Matrix takes me back in time to discover and awaken the source of the core patterns I am in my life to balance. I allow myself to compassionately and safely embark in a conscious regression from before conception moving forward on an amazing journey which gives me clear images and insights leading to understanding, change and transformation in my life.” JRG & T

While in therapy practice inBeverly Hills,California, he was getting referrals of clients who had been given up as incurable by other therapists. He realized that these people had spent extended time exploring their lives for the cause of their problems and had failed. Turner was inspired to ask those clients to non-hypnotically explore the emotional patterns their mothers and fathers were experiencing during their pregnancies. That was when he discovered that not only is each one of us the synthesis of the physical DNA of our parents which give us our physical characteristics but that we are also the synthesis of the charged emotions which they are experiencing during the nine months of baby’s gestation. Turner calls this the emotional DNA© or eDNA©. In other words, each one us is born with a full menu of emotional patterns. Through Whole Self Psychology, we are able to realize that our lifelong of diminishing feelings and patterns are actually the residue from our parent’s reactions to traumatic events during their pregnancies. For example, if a mother is betrayed during her pregnancy, her child is born with that sense of betrayal and lives life without trust. When the client can recognize that the pattern is her or his mother’s reaction to having been betrayed, the pattern can be released. Whole-Self is more than a therapy in that it offers a philosophical and educational base for a Whole-Life.

Fifteen years ago, while lecturing at a Psychology Conference in England Turner met Troya G.A.M. Groot, a Dutch Psychiatric & Social Nurse. >From Los Angeles then later from Santa Fe, New Mexico, Turner had been teaching the Prebirth Analysis Matrix© or PAM© – 22 sets of questions which reveal the basic patterns which each person keeps living out. 6.000 miles to the east inAmsterdam, Troya had discovered the same questions. She had been anorexic/bulimic and in searching for the possible cause of her eating disorders discovered that her mother had been told by her doctor to expect that her first baby could be born dead. This was later confirmed by her mother. When they met they realized that some 15 years before they both had separately discovered the same basic questions for the psychological foundation which every person experiences. So they teamed up.

Now, some 30 years later, Prenatal Psychology is part of the medical community. Several professional societies have published thousands of scientific studies which prove what the Turners were discovering and developing three decades ago. The Turners are Co-founders of the Whole-Self Discovery & Development Institute, Inc. International. They have taught Whole-Self Psychology, Philosophy and Education in 28 countries. He has been an two term elected vice-president of the International Society of Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Medicine. He is an ISPPM Executive Board Member and one of the co-editors of the ISPPM Journal and English Language Consultant to The Neuroendocrinology Letters Medical Journal. Troya is Founder of the ISPPM:NL Chapter and is International Consultant to a Dutch Birth Education Society. They are also members of APPPAH – the Association for Pre & Perinatal Psychology & Health, the SMN – Scientific & Medical Network and Honorary Members ANEP:Italia – The Association of National Education Prenatale and the Russian Association of Perinatal Psychology and Medicine. The Turners both lecture internationally, write, teach, train and do individual sessions in Whole-Self Psychology, Philosophy & Education.

They can be reached at W-SDDI, Waterrad 92, 1613 CR Grootebroek, NL, Tel: +31 (0)228 513 630. Email: Whole-Self@quicknet.nl



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